June 18, 2013

June 2013 Meeting Report

At our June meeting, we finished up our look at styling tables to be responsive. We took four examples and applied their techniques to a sample table. Two of the examples just used CSS, while the other two also employed Javascript. The examples required some editing of the sample HTML in order to work, and the results varied in quality. But these samples showed how data in a table can be reconfigured in ways that make the information accessible on a small screen.

The samples we used were:
Give these a try by copying and pasting the CSS and scripts into a simple table, then check their HTML to see what has to be modified in your sample table. Then try adjusting for different screen sizes. And do a search for other solutions.

We will continue this group in September as the Web Design SIG. The afternoon session will be the new WordPress SIG. See you then.

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