November 20, 2011

November 2011 Meeting Report

At the November meeting, we covered the new structural elements in HTML5. There are five of them, and we compared two versions of the same three-column page to see how these new tags compare to the div's that we are used to using for things like headers and footers. The new tags are listed in this article from IBM where their use on a blog page is demonstrated.

Some other places to read about HTML5 are below.
We will continue next month on how to use HTML5's structural semantics across browsers.

November 15, 2011

November 2011 Meeting Announcement -- New Web, New Foundation

The next meeting of the PACS CSS Workshop will be Saturday, November 19, at our usual 9-10 hour.

Our topic this month is New Web - New Foundation. We will be looking at new tags introduced in HTML5 to define the structure of a webpage. They will make styling easier and cut down on "div-itis." But will they work across browsers? We'll see.

Be sure to check the PACS website for the full schedule of sessions this month. Google+, website analytics, and WordPress are features at three of our web-related SIG's.