March 18, 2005

CSS Support in IE 7

Microsoft is working on version 7 of Internet Explorer, and beta testing will be starting this summer. Unfortunately, it looks as though CSS support is not one of the priorities: CSS Support Could Be Internet Explorer's Weakest Link.

March 12, 2005

HTML Paths

The subject came up at our meeting today about using paths on a website. Check out these sites. They have nice explanations of how paths work among web pages. Get to understand these concepts because when we start using external style sheets, it will be important to link to your stylesheets correctly.

March 05, 2005

March 12 Meeting Announcement

The March meeting of PACS will be held next Saturday, March 12, which is a week earlier than usual due to the school's vacation schedule. The CSS Workshop will be conducted as always in Room 713 at 9-10.

This month I will finish with the class selector--there are a couple of points to make--and then we will talk about color for a bit. That topic should be pretty quickly handled, but since our subject is style, it's time we get some color into what we are doing. After that, I want to start on inheritance and the box model, in which order, I'm not sure yet. These topics are a little conceptual, but they are all-important to understanding how your styles work. You will go away with practical applications, don't worry. We will then be in a position to move to some interesting uses of CSS, including styling links.

Our extra credit session will start at 8:45--promise. We will talk briefly about the ID selector. If you know how to use the class selector, there is not much more to the ID selector when it comes to basic web pages, so we can cover this subject pretty quickly.