October 15, 2005

October Meeting Notes: Font Styles

At our October session, we continued reviewing the different properties that are available in CSS for styling fonts. We finished with font-family by working with the values "normal" and "inherit." We then went on to font-size and spent some time testing the different CSS values for sizing fonts. A nice review of the optons is at this website on font-size.

In November, we will finish with font styling and move on to another topc to be determined.

October 08, 2005

October 15 Meeting Announcement

The next meeting of the CSS Workshop will take place this Saturday, October 15, at 9 am. We will continue on the topic of fonts, and we should be able to finish at this session. As we work on fonts, we will also look at two values that we have not discussed yet, "inherit" and "normal". They show up in many properties, and using them can make your CSS more efficient.

See you Saturday.