April 23, 2006

April 2006 Meeting Report--Display: Inline and Block

At our April meeting, we discussed the opacity: property that can be used to alter the appearance of images. We showed how opacity: can be used, e.g., to alter the transparency of an image when the cursor hovers over it. Unfortunately, opacity: is not supported in IE through version 6.

We then continued from last month with the display: property. We reviewed display: none, and the demonstration document is on our Samples page.

The bulk of the meeting was on display:inline and :block. We discussed how these values can be put to use, and the demonstration page that we used is in our Samples section.

We also briefly touched on display:inline-block. The only browser I have found that uses that value correctly is Opera 9 beta, so we did not spend much time on that subject.

April 16, 2006

April 22 Meeting Announcement

The next meeting of the PACS CSS Workshop will be this Saturday, April 22, at the usual 9-10 hour. We are meeting on the fourth Saturday this month due to the school's schedule. I hope everyone used the extra weekend to get their taxes done.

This month we will start with a question that came up last month--can CSS be used to alter the transparency of an image? There is an answer, and we will have it.

Then we will continue discussing the display: property. We started last month by discussing display:none (which is what got us into images). This month, we will look at three other display: values, and this discussion will lead us into designing navigation styles.

We will also have a giveaway courtesy of member Frank Stepanski: A copy of the book Designing CSS Web Pages.

Also, if you are not yet aware, Reed has opened a forum on the Web Design site. A number of members have registered already, and it should be a good resource for sharing information and for getting advice. We have a discussion going on now about how to redesign the PACS website. Your participation would be welcome.