September 12, 2008

September 20 Meeting Announcement

The first session of the CSS Workshop for this year will be held on September 20. It will be at the usual 9 - 10 am time slot, but at our new location. By now you should have received a mailing from PACS to confirm that PACS is moving to the Giant Foods Community Center located on the upper floor of the store at 315 York Road, Willow Grove, PA. This location will be more convenient to get to, and all indications are that the facilities are great.

I will be away this month, but Reed Gustow has graciously agreed to lead the CSS session. Reed will talk about advanced layout techniques by demonstrating a 3-column page format using CSS. The example will be taken from Rachel Andrew's great book, "The CSS Anthology: 101 Tips, Tricks and Hacks." Here is the example online, to show where the session will be going.

Along the way, Reed will get into positioning, a topic that will help you get into some more advanced layouts using CSS.

For directions to the new meeting location, go the the PACS website.