March 24, 2007

March 24 Meeting Report:
Background Images

At our March meeting, we worked on using CSS to add graphics to a webpage without affecting the underlying HTML of the page.

We began by reviewing the HTML attributes BGCOLOR and BACKGROUND and the IMG tag to show how graphics were added before CSS. We then discussed the CSS properties background-image, background-repeat, and background-position, and then the shorthand property background. Using that property, we can use one declaration to define up to four background properties.

We then used background-image to add a graphic heading to a page, using display:none to hide the H1 heading without actually deleting it.

Next month we will continue on this topic by tying up some loose ends, and then getting into faux columns.

March 16, 2007

March 24 Meeting Announcement

The March meeting of PACS is on the fourth Saturday again this month -- our session will be on March 24, at the usual time of 9 am. There will be no Javascript Workshop meeting in March, so consistent with past practice, CSS and Flash will each expand to 90 minutes and make use of the open time between 10 and 11.

This month we will work on background images. In the process, we will get philosophical about when and how to use images on a webpage. And with the extra 30 minutes this month, we should be able to cover a related technique, faux columns. If you don't know what they are, don't miss our meeting.

On top of all that, we will have another fine book raffle where someone's PACS membership will pay for itself.

Finally, be sure to check out the PACS online store for all your fashion needs.