February 20, 2011

February 2011 Meeting Report:
Accessibility and Resets

This month, started with a few odds and ends before getting into our main topic.

We checked out a site with ten good developer extensions for the Chrome browser as well as a site about jQuery for Mobile. We then looked at two utilities for testing a site to see how it looks for viewers with different types of color blindness, ColorDoctor and Chrometric.

For the main session, we continued on browser resets by focusing on specific items in a reset and how they relate to the rest of your style sheet. We watched two videos from SitePoint: Practical CSS - lesson01: Exercise part 2 on basic styles and Exercise part 4 on styling lists.

February 17, 2011

February 2011 Meeting Announcment

The next meeting of the PACS CSS Workshop will be this Saturday, February 19, at our usual 9-10 hour.

We have been working with browser resets for a couple of meetings. It turns out that Eric Meyer has just posted a final version of his influential take on what goes into a reset. We will look at that and finish up the topic by testing different resets and then considering whether and when they are a good idea.

Our next topic is wire frames. Depending on time, we will use a video to get an idea about what they are and how to use them. I also want to touch on an accessibility issue. One way or the other, we will be busy.