May 21, 2009

May 2009 Meeting Report:
Building Blocks of Nav Menus

At our May meeting, we returned to the topic of styling navigation menus, a topic we have been covering throughout this year.

This month we looked at the CSS properties that I think are keys to creating attractive menus. Those properties include
  • pseudo-selectors, using the LoVeHA order;

  • display:, both block and inline-block, the latter being increasingly supported by browsers;

  • list-style, particularly list-style-type:none;

  • background, both color and image;

  • position.

And to get really creative, image editing for creating background images.

May 14, 2009

May Meeting Announcement

The next session of the PACS CSS Workshop will be held this Saturday, May 16, at the usual 9 - 10 am hour.

We will get back to the subject of navigation menus by looking at the building blocks of good navigation styling and considering some issues that come up in designing a navigation system.

We will also cover a couple of other topics of interest related to web design, as well as anything else that comes up in discussion.