November 21, 2010

November 2010 Meeting Report:
Font Makeover

At our November meeting, we updated the headings of this workshop's website by using Google Fonts. This new technology combines cloud computing with the @font-face attribute to let us use fonts that are not available on most computers. The top level heading on the site (H1) now renders with Reenie Beanie, and secondary headings (H2) render with Philosopher. The H1 font deploys properly across browsers, but H2 does not render properly on the iPad. Google's documentation states, "The Google Font API is not currently supported on iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android."

For more on Google Fonts, check the Google Font Directory, and follow developments at the Google Web Font Blog.

In line with our theme this year of website makeovers, we also looked at Giving Your Older Web Designs a Refresh, an article with suggestions on what to look for when giving your site a new design.

November 17, 2010

November 2010 Meeting Announcement

This month, we will finish up briefly with Google Fonts. In line with this year's theme of makeovers, we will use Google Fonts to change the headings on the workshop's website.

We will then move on to CSS resets. We have touched on this topic before, in both the workshop and at Web Design, but we have not looked closely at what goes into a reset. This month, I will use a video and some actual examples to show how a reset might be the first place to start if you are doing a website makeover.

If time permits, we can also look at some new sources of CSS information on the web.

And as usual, there is a full lineup of meetings this month, starting at 8 am with the Social Media SIG. Be sure to check the first project of that SIG, the new PACS Facebook page.