May 19, 2013

May 2013 Meeting Report

We started the May meeting with a look at two websites illustrating opposite ends of the styling spectrum.

First was CERN’s restoration of the original website. They are putting back the files in their original versions as they were first uploaded. There is an entire site about this restoration that will tell you more. 

At the other end is CSS Zen Garden. This site recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and is now being converted to HTML5 and to current CSS standards. CSS Zen Garden is an inspiring collection of examples of imaginative webpage styling.

We spent the bulk of the meeting looking at the structure of HTML tables and their proper use. We then worked with the pseudo-classes that we have been discussing and styled tables with stripes, multiple stripes, and even a checker board. Some of the examples we used are available here at the Samples section.

We will put all of this together next month to style responsive tables.

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