April 03, 2005

March notes: Class and ID Selectors and Colors

At our March meeting, we finished up on the topic of class selectors. We discussed how class selectors can be combined but noted that Internet Explorer does not properly render pages with compound class selectors. I used this sample page to show the problem. Open it in IE and in a more standards-compliant browser like Firefox to see the difference. If you save the page, you can play with the source to understand the problem better. I have notes there.

We briefly touched on the ID selector and discussed appropriate uses for it. We will be getting back to ID's when we get to style precedents.

We then moved on to color and began with a review of the basics of color in HTML. CSS does not give us more colors to work with. It does provide more options for defining colors, though, making it easier to match colors, such as by RGB numbers or percentages. In the Resources page of this site, I have added a number of locations for color information.

At our next meeting, we will finish with color and move on to the parent-child concept.

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