April 17, 2005

April Notes: Colors and Parent-Child

At our April 16 session, we finished up the topic of color, at least for now. We covered the properties of { color: } (which sets the foreground color of an element, which, in a web page, is the text color) and { background-color: }. There are other color properties in CSS, and we will get to them in the future.

We then began to consider the topic of Parent-Child, which gets us into the concept of inheritence. I pointed out a nice tool that shows you the structure of an HTML document: View Page Structure - CSS. This Javascript bookmarklet is not only instructive, but it also is a convenient way to check your page structure to see why your styles might not be working correctly.

Along the way, we were side-tracked a little by the evident misuse of the SPAN tag in some browsers. We will have more to say on that topic next month.

Next month's meeting is on May 21. We should finish up with Parent-Child, then get into the Box Model. Things will start to get real interesting then.

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