April 17, 2005

Jemima's Chevron

We looked at this site at the April meeting as a creative example of using CSS: Jemima's Chevron. This site is where I picked up one of the color wheels that we are using. This page is a nice example of where we want to go with CSS. Not only is it very stylish, but the underlying page itself is written in basic and clean HTML. Check the source to see what I mean. If you look at it in Firefox, you can turn off the style sheet and see what the underlying HTML looks like unstyled. [View/PageStyle/No Style]

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can save the page to your Desktop [File/Save as], then open the HTML file in any editor, delete the reference to the style sheet, save the file, and open it in a browser. You will see the page unstyled.

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