April 22, 2005

Bookmarklets - Design tools

Things have a funny way of coming together in a user group. At our last meeting, there was a question about converting RGB values to hexadecimal numbers (or it might have been the other way around). I said that a search online would probably show some kind of converter, but I was not aware of one off-hand.

We also talked briefly about bookmarklets, and I demonstrated one that shows the structure of an HTML document. Member Ken T. mentioned his experience with these little javascripts, and a couple of days later, he was good enough to send me some links to sites about bookmarklets.

Here's where it comes together: This particular page about Bookmarklets - Design tools has some web design bookmarklets, and one of them is a converter for RGB values to Hex and vice versa. Try it out--it's a nice tool to have.

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