June 11, 2006

June 2006 Meeting Report -- Navigation Menus

The June meeting of the PACS CSS Workshop was the last until September.

This month, we covered different techniques for using CSS to style navigation menus. We used a number of online resources to demonstrate different techniques for taking a set of links and styling them to display as interesting and functional navigation elements. The sites are below, and I encourage you to try their examples in order to develop your CSS abilities. (These links open into new browser windows.)

3D button effect

Go to number 9 on this list of favorite tricks to see the 3D effect that we demonstrated. The rest of the tricks are worth your time as well.

Menu tutorial

We followed this tutorial from one of our favorite CSS sites to create a vertical menu from a simple line of links and then a horizontal menu from the same CSS by just adding a couple of properties.

Tableless rollover navigation bars

This simple CSS creates a nice horizontal menu bar with a rollover effect.

List-u-Like CSS Generator

Instead of writing your CSS and guessing how it will look, try this generator to just make your property and value selections and then preview the results.

Tabbed menus

This site has a whole collection of different tabbed menus using CSS. The site says they are free. Just look at the source for the techniques used.

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