June 04, 2006

June 10 Meeting Announcement

The next meeting of the PACS CSS Workshop will be this coming Saturday, June 10, at the usual 9-10 hour. This month's PACS meeting is on the second Saturday of the month due to the school schedule.

This month we will work some more on styling navigation menus. We started last month, and we will continue in June with vertical menus, then move on to horizontal menus. Depending on time, we may be able to look at some more advanced ideas.

This meeting is the last of the season. We will take the summer off, and if there is interest in continuing this workshop, we will pick up again in September. Please give me some feedback.

This month's PACS meeting is particularly rich with web-related topics. In addition to the usual workshops, the guest speaker at the main meeting will be Eric Pascarello, who will talk about AJAX and the new developments that are changing the way we use the internet. Eric will also be the speaker at the Web Design SIG at 1-2. These are sessions you don't want to miss. More information is available at the PACS website.

Finally, I have blogged an interesting new website called Vitamin (see below).

Hope to see you all Saturday.

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