June 17, 2012

June 2012 Meeting Report

At our June meeting, we concluded our examination of HTML5 with some final thoughts and some suggestions for implementing this new standard. I have posted an outline of the new, simpler syntax for webpages in the Samples section of this site.

We discussed that some of the old syntax requirements are now optional, but in the case particularly of the script designation, continuing to include a type might be advisable. While JavaScript is generally the default language used for web scripting, it is not the only one out there. Some others include JScript from Microsoft and the proposed Dart language from Google (about which not everyone is happy, as indicated in this article from Ars Technica.)

We closed by noting that with the looser syntax rules of HTML5, it is incumbent on editors of websites to establish standards to maintain reliable and consistent code. One such set of rules is laid out in this article.

To finish up the year with a nice review of HTML5, check this webcast from O'Reilly. It runs about an hour and covers many of the topics that we worked on this year.

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