September 11, 2011

September 2011 Meeting Announcement -- The New Web

The next meeting of PACS will be Saturday, September 17, and we are happy to say that the CSS Workshop will convene again this year at our usual 9-10 hour.

We have been running this workshop for several years now. As the mission statement on our website states, we "started with the basics of cascading style sheets and will continue as long as there is interest and we have something new to learn." We polled the members last June, and there was sufficient interest to continue again this year.

As to "something new to learn," it looks as though we will have as much to cover this year as in any single year since we began. A major shift is coming in how we structure and design websites, and not just in style sheets. To cover all of it, we will expand our focus a bit this year to talk about HTML as well as CSS.

At the September meeting, we will do an overview of some of the new developments in HTML5 and CSS3. That will set the stage for our sessions this year. We will also hit a couple of topics that were posted on the group website during the summer, for those members who did not do their vacation reading.

The rest of the day at PACS will be busy as well. Check the website for the schedule of web-related groups, all of which are back again this year.

See you on the 17th.

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