May 23, 2011

May 2011 Meeting Report:
Reset Wrap-up and Wire Frames Intro

At our May meeting, we finished our review of CSS resets by looking at some specific resets for HTML5 webpages. Eric Meyer addresses HTML5 in his well-known reset file. A couple of other sites to check are HTML5 Reset and HTML5 Doctor.

We then finished by checking four reset files for common elements that we might want to incorporate into our own sites. The outline we used is entitled Review of CSS Resets and is posted in our Samples section.

For more lists of resets, try CSS and A Comprehensive Guide to CSS Resets.

We then moved on to wire frames, which are templates for complicated webpage layouts. We watched a video from a SitePoint CSS class and discussed the basic concept behind wire frames.

Next month, we will cover wire frames in more detail and also look at a new free web editor called Blue Griffon.

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