January 18, 2009

January 2009 Meeting Notes:

The January meeting was about using CSS to style links. We started with the HTML attributes for the body tag that allow you to set the colors of a link when it is unvisited, active, and visited. Of course, CSS gives you that and more, so we moved on to using CSS to style links.

First, we saw that the anchor tag can be styled the same way as any selector, but the result does not differentiate between states of the link. There is more flexibility in using pseudo-classes.

The pseudo-classes that apply to anchors let you style four states of links: unvisited, hover, active, and visited. (There are other pseudo-classes, but they do not come into play with the anchor tag.)

We noted that the preferred order of these pseudo-classes in a style sheet is link, visited, hover, active. "LoVe HA" will help you remember. Changing this order can result in one declaration being overridden by another declaration, rendering some of your styles ineffective.

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