May 13, 2008

May 17, 2008 Meeting Announcement

The next session of the PACS CSS Workshop will be this Saturday at 9 - 10.

This month, we will to continue our discussion on tools for using CSS more effectively. We reviewed some in April, and I want to look at a few more this month.

We will start with Dreamweaver templates, just to give a general idea of how they work. The topic is not specific to CSS, but it ties in with the discussion about Contribute that we had last month.

Then I want to show some tools for laying out a webpage with a structure that is more complex than just the header-body-footer format. We will talk about grid-based design, see how it can be used to make modern layouts, and look at what to use to make the process easier.

If that were not enough, thanks to the generosity of Microsoft and Dani Diaz, we have a great raffle giveaway -- a copy of Expression Web, Microsoft's web design tool. The usual rule applies -- current members of PACS qualify for the raffle. We will be checking to confirm membership on this one, so be sure to join or renew your membership if you are not current with PACS.

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