October 15, 2007

October 20 Meeting Announcement

The next session of the PACS CSS Workshop will be held this Saturday, October 20. We will start at the usual time, 9 am. But because the Javascript Workshop is off month, we will be splitting that hour with the Flash Workshop. As a result, CSS will go until 10:30. It's a timely opportunity, as I hope to use the extra time to complete the topic of Styling Tables.

We started this subject in June, and in September, we revisited it with a demo of a calendar that one of our members created for his church's website. We also spent some time on display:none, something that I wanted to get in before we went too far into the year. But that left us with a lot of material on tables still to be covered.

So this month, we will use the extra time to do justice to the topic. We will start with a quick review of what we covered previously, and then move on to some more advanced styling methods. I have learned a lot preparing for these sessions, and I think there will be something new for just about everyone.

Be sure to check the PACS website for details on other activities going on this month, including the expanded Flash Workshop and another Web 2.0 topic at the Web Design SIG.

See you Saturday.

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