February 25, 2007

February 24 Meeting Report:
Page Template

At the February session of the CSS Workshop, we worked on some more issues involving page layouts. Some of the items were odds and ends about topics from previous meetings. We pointed out that while the HTML tags that create page elements, like headings and paragraphs, also create boxes, and that it is possible to position those boxes to lay out pages, the better approach is to use DIV tags to make the basic structure of the page.

We then went through some exercises in collapsing wrappers and showed that the problem does not arise often. Most likely, you will have a footer at the bottom of the page that will keeep the wrapper open in spite of the floating paragraphs that make up the page columns. Just be sure the footer has the clear:both declaration.

We then worked on a basic format of a page with a header, two columns, and a footer. That template is posted in our samples section. It was based on an example from a new book by Simon Collison called Beginning CSS Web Development.

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