May 28, 2006

May 2006 Meeting Report--Navigation Menus

This month we finished up with the basics of the display: property. We then reviewed some of the styles that can be used with anchor (link) tags and reminded ourselves that context-sensitive styling will let you define different styles for links on the same page depending on how they are identified in your HTML.

We went on to navigation menus by taking a list of links and styling it to display as a vertical, sidebar-type menu. I used the menu that Reed Gustow drafted for the PACS Web Design SIG site as an example and stripped out the navigation HTML and CSS into a separate file. This file is now in our Samples section. The code is annotated so that you can play with the styles and try out some new ideas. Note that Bob Morgan has beaten everyone to the punch--he used the menu as the basis for a new sidebar for the HTML Workshop page. Sincere flattery.

Our June meeting is the second Saturday, June 10, due to the school calendar. This meeting is the last until September. We will continue with styling menus and get into more complex ideas. See you then.

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