April 23, 2006

April 2006 Meeting Report--Display: Inline and Block

At our April meeting, we discussed the opacity: property that can be used to alter the appearance of images. We showed how opacity: can be used, e.g., to alter the transparency of an image when the cursor hovers over it. Unfortunately, opacity: is not supported in IE through version 6.

We then continued from last month with the display: property. We reviewed display: none, and the demonstration document is on our Samples page.

The bulk of the meeting was on display:inline and :block. We discussed how these values can be put to use, and the demonstration page that we used is in our Samples section.

We also briefly touched on display:inline-block. The only browser I have found that uses that value correctly is Opera 9 beta, so we did not spend much time on that subject.

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