February 14, 2006

February 2006 Meeting Report--Styling Lists

At our February meeting, we just about finished styling lists. We began by reviewing unordered lists and then got into the more interesting subject of ordered lists, where CSS gives the web author options that do not exist in HTML. From there we looked briefly at styling definition lists. We used this samples page from last month--it can be downloaded and edited to test out list properties.

We then worked on the descendant selector, which lets you define the properties of an element when it is the child of another element. In our case, we styled nested lists to make sublists with different bullets and numbers. Of course, we took it to the extreme to create some styling straight out of the 90's dot-com boom--all legitimate, but a little ugly. I uploaded this samples page that has nested unordered and ordered lists. Use it to practice descendant selectors and styling sublists.

The next meeting is March 18. We will tie up a couple of loose ends with lists, and then move on to more creative uses of CSS.

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