January 22, 2006

January 2006 meeting notes

At our January meeting, we finished the subject of pseudo-elements by tying up a couple of loose ends, and we then went on to lists. We reviewed the basics of HTML lists and started showing how to style unordered lists with CSS.

CSS gives us the ability to position the bullets but does not add any new bullet types. The advantage to using CSS is in the efficiency with which you can choose the type of bullet. I posted the sample page that I used, in case anyone wants to download it and play with the options for styling lists. Note that you should also download the little AOL gif if you want to use the image as a bullet.

Next month we will continue with styling lists, and we will incorporate the topic of descendant selectors. You will see how much more control and efficiency you can have with your lists by using CSS. These topics will all lead up to creating some interesting navigation elements for our pages.

Note that the February meeting is on the second Saturday, February 11, not the usual third, due to school scheduling. So make sure you update your calendar program.

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