November 17, 2004

November Meeting Announcement

We will be holding our regular meeting of the CSS Workshop this Saturday, November 20, from 9-10 in room 713.

PACS has been diligently trying to make sure that we have a live internet connection, and I am hoping for the best. If we do, I will run through some online examples of CSS in action--they will give us some goals to work toward during the course of our workshop. I will then continue with our general overview of CSS. I hope to finish that overview this month, and we will then be ready to drill into specific topics in more detail.

I have revamped the website for our group, and it is now located at I am going to try out the blog format this year for a couple of reasons, besides general curiosity. For one thing, there are so many online resources about CSS that I want an easy way to get the information out to the group. Blogging can also facilitate interactivity among our members. And blogging software is an interesting combination of database driven web development and CSS formatting. I hope to get into that as we go along and as I figure it out a little better.

As I mentioned last month, I want to encourage all of you to have at least two browsers installed on your computers. Mozilla Firefox is a great free one available at Saturday, I will show you something I just discovered about Firefox and CSS.

And I would also like to discuss whether we want to begin our meetings at 8:30. I like the free exchanges that we have at our meetings, but I also want to make sure that we are making progress. Your input will be requested.

See you Saturday.

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